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Financial protection and risk management

Discover offers clients security in the unpredictable international marketplace. Discover is unique in that it has created and funded a self-insurance fund with over $4.5 million in assets to protect clients against defaults, an important benefit in today's world of economic turbulence. Discover has developed tough internal reporting and tracking standards, and has a risk management team exclusively dedicated to minimization of client exposure. We currently handle client funds exceeding USD 90 million annually, and have never defaulted on any financial obligation to our clients.

Discover makes it simple to transact business in multiple countries, currencies and different billing and settlement plans and programs.

  • Centralized, multi-country client document reporting and remittance in all our client representation areas including airline, cruise, car and hotel
  • Risk management - Monitoring and control of monies collected on your behalf from consumers and agencies
  • Collections and payments in single or multiple currencies of your choice
  • Global financial guarantee from US corporation
  • Self-insurance Fund with over USD 4.5 million in assets

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Discover the World UK is supporting Hospices of Hope for one of their charity camps next Summer of 2020.

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