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Business processing outsourcing (BPO)

Discover offers a wide range of BPO services covering:

  • Call center outsourcing
  • Specialty customer service support
  • Agency processing and problem resolution
  • Customized sales and revenue reports
  • Commission tracking
  • Customer claims processing

Dependent on your needs and budget, these services can be performed onshore or offshore, and with the languages and time zones of your preference. Find out more below or contact us via this website for more information on our BPO services.

Call center outsourcing

We specialize in smaller boutique call centers (under 100 seats), with full call center functionality to handle both consumer and trade needs. Our philosophy is to develop call centers to be sales producing revenue centers versus processing centers, and all of our systems are designed with this view.

Often due to the economics of scale, it is difficult to get large call center outsourcing companies to provide dedicated experienced call center staff for key customer specialty desks. Discover thrives on providing dedicated, experienced call center staff to handle specialty desks such as Groups, PTA's, Rate Desks, and VIP Desks, as well as e-ticketing support and document finishing services. We ensure your customer service standards are met, and furnish you with a full suite of reporting.

Agency processing (BSP/ARC)

Discover offers analysis of agency programs, and provides implementation and processing support of BSP and ARC. Our services range from agency appointments, payment processing, credit card reconciliation, and remittances.

Agency resolutions (ADM's/ACM's)

Discover is experienced at resolving agency collection issues while ensuring a positive customer service experience. Let us handle your agency debit and credit memos, payment tracking and reporting, all the while keeping you informed of the status.

Customer relations and claims processing

In today's travel environment, it is important to quickly resolve customer complaints and issues. This is one of our key outsourced travel services. Our team will focus on resolving customer complaints from refunds to lost/delayed baggage, and lost ticket applications in a timely fashion while providing superior service.

Custom sales reporting and analysis

Measure the effectiveness of your sales staff, sales channel activities and results, and your promotion campaigns, advertising or any of your sales activities. This is possible with a Discover BPO service plan. We provide custom reports that are affordable, can be on or offshore and are created within your budget. Let your own sales staff focus on sales and turn over the data entry and report creation to us.

Price audits

Price auditing and analysis are essential BPO functions on the competitive international landscape. Our teams have the ability to monitor and track pricing, suggest alternative or matching strategies and submit detailed reports to help a client determine the best course of action.

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