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What we do

Discover the World takes client brands into markets. We create and build new customers and revenue streams and strengthen product awareness and availability across all local channels.

The two key ingredients are our local people with their reputations and industry knowledge, and the tools we utilize - our sales, marketing, PR and online e-commerce capabilities. With our local people and online tools, we are able to ensure fast distribution of client products and services across all available channels.

The result is new incremental revenue and improved profit across newly created distribution channels. We call our solution "bricks & clicks", people & technology.

The cost of using our service depends on your needs and budget. We work with variable cost of sale commission based solutions through to fee based models or a combination of the two. To discuss your needs in more details please contact us today.

Our services

Still need convincing?

Here are 10 great commercial reasons to consider working with Discover.

Creating a global network of experienced sales and marketing professionals takes time. Managing a global network, helping with sales processes, targeting new opportunities, and delivering consistent international brand execution are just a few reasons to consider travel outsourcing and distribution as the ideal extension to your core business focus.

  • Enable greater focus on core business by outsourcing secondary market activity
  • Target territories that are underserved or new
  • Strengthen the existing sales force
  • Speed to market
  • Reduced turnover costs / turnover management
  • More flexibility in building a sales force
  • New product launch capability without a long term commitment
  • More effective prospecting and lead generation effectiveness
  • More effective management of the sales process
  • Reduce risk of hiring and employing

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Discover the World UK Fundraising

Discover the World UK is supporting Hospices of Hope for one of their charity camps next Summer of 2020.

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