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Joanne Lundy

Joanne Lundy

  • Discover the World since 1993
  • Winner of the 1995 Discover "Rookie Of The Year" Award
  • Winner of the 1999 Discover Award, for excellence in sales, business and creative marketing and for exemplifying the Discover spirit
  • Canadian Airlines, 4 years, Director of Corporate Sales, North America
  • Wardair, 8 years, Director of Sales, North America
  • Suntours, 8 years, District Manager, Ottawa

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Discover the World
5160 Explorer Drive
Unit 31

City: Mississauga
Postal code: L4W 4T7
Country: Canada
Telephone: 1.905.361.0844 / 1.8
Fax: 1.905.361.0848 / 1.8

Description of Market


- Canada's population of 33.5 million, while the smallest among the G8 countries, is growing faster than any other G8 country fuelled mainly by immigration.
- Approximately 38% of the population resides in Ontario, and 24% in Quebec
- The three major cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are home to one-third of the total population


- Canada is officially bilingual with French the dominant language in Quebec, and English is predominant in the rest of the country
- The high rate of immigration has formed a culturally rich, ethnically diverse country with a multitude of languages, religions, types of food, and cultural activities


- Due to conservative fiscal policies, Canada was not as severely affected by the recession of 2009-2011. While buffeted by the waves of other countries around the world, the unemployment rate is approximately 7.5%.
- Housing, food, fuel etc. has remained fairly stable
- Canada is a resource rich country with oil and gas, minerals, forestry
- Agriculture is extremely important especially in the central Prairies
- Manufacturing is also important, predominantly in Ontario and Quebec
- High tech is also a rapidly growing sector


- Canadians are active travellers domestically, trans-border to the USA, and Internationally
- The purpose of travel ranges from business, leisure, visiting family and friends, educational

Travel Industry

- Canada has a robust travel industry with a large number of tour operators
- IATA agencies approximately 2,120 and a further 3,000 registered non-IATA agencies

The major airlines:

- Air Canada - domestic, USA and International
- Westjet - domestic, USA, Mexico and Caribbean
- Porter Airlines - smaller regional based in Toronto with short-haul flights in Canada and the USA
- Air Transat - leisure destinations within Canada, USA and International

In addition, various tour operators have their own charter airline operations.

- Canada has a high degree of internet usage and many book their travel directly, however many more use travel agencies.
- Top corporate agencies include Amex, HRG, CWL, Vision, Uniglobe
- Consolidators occupy a key role in the industry
- The GDS systems most frequently used are Sabre and Apollo, followed by Amadeus and Worldspan

The Discover Team in Canada

WIth the main office in Canada based in Toronto (Mississauga), we have a team of approximately 15. Our inside sales support centre can be reached by national toll-free lines.

Our sales staff provides national coverage based in:
- Vancouver - handling B.C. and Alberta
- London (ON) - S/W Ontario and Manitoba
- Toronto - Greater Toronto and outlying areas
- Montreal - Quebec, E. Ontario, Maritimes

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