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Dan Danziger

Dan Danziger

  • Discover the World since 2002
  • Co-Owner and Managing Director, Peace Air & Aviation Services Ltd.
  • Managing Director for Western Europe, MAOF
  • General Manager & Station Manager Israel, Pan American World Airways
  • Station Manager Israel, Delta Airlines

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32 HaHaroshet St.
Or Yehuda Industrial Park

City: Tel Aviv
Postal code: 6037598
Country: Israel
Telephone: +972.3.560.1616
Fax: +972.3.560.1636

Description of Market

Israel Overview

  • Demographics: Total population: 9.2 million

  • Geography: Country Size: 20,770 sq. km.

  • Capital: Jerusalem
    Israel proclaimed Jerusalem as its capital in 1950, but the US, like all other countries, maintains its embassy in Tel Aviv.

  • Major urban areas: Tel Aviv

  • Major languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English.

  • Major religions: Judaism, Islam, Christianity.

  • Currency: Israeli shekel (NIS).

  • Main exports: computer software, military equipment, chemicals, agricultural products.

  • Israel offers a plethora of historical and religious sites, beach resorts, archaeological tourism, heritage tourism and ecotourism.

  • Internet Usage: Population of Internet Users: 6.74 million, % of population using the internet:  79.7% (Dec 2017 est.)

Israel Travel Market Overview
Travel Segmentation

  • Business and Corporate Travel: 25% - Access through specialized travel agents and in house agencies within organizations .

  • Individual (FIT) Leisure Travel: 5% - through all the tour operators and travel agents with a recent trend of internet but with a site that can be contacted in Israel (help desk).

  • Organized Groups: 60%  through specialized tour operators.

  • Sub Segments: Geographical tours, incentives, congresses, fairs & special

  • events, special interest tours, cultural exchange & government groups.

  • Visit Families and Friends (VFR) : 5%  - Access through niche travel agents dedicated to this kind of traffic , religious ethnic traffic, and foreign workers in Israel.

  • Students Traffic: 5% - Access through student wholesalers and student travel agency chains (ISSTA)


Israel Travel Market Overview & Analysis

BSP Israel 2018 stats: 114 airline members, 350 accredited IATA travel agents and a handful number of non-IATA travel agents. According to BSP, revenue from January – December 2018 was $1.975 billion

 Facts and figures about the Israeli traffic in 2018:

 International passenger traffic in 2018 totaled 22,357,736 passengers, representing an increase of 10.75% compared to 2017.

 (Source: Israeli Airport authority annual report for 2018)


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