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Discover the World, a trusted partner to the travel industry for over 30 years, is an IATA appointed consolidator for the IBCS “low cost” BSP System.

Our role as a consolidator is to bring airlines into the program and service their local BSP requirements.

Ask us about the new IBCS Extend Program designed to save you even more money in joining fees. Contact us on the form below today.


  • “Variable-cost” concept. Operating costs are volume-related with no hidden overheads.
  • Low initial joining costs
  • Nominal annual participation fee
  • No monthly BSP management costs
  • Each IBCS airline decides its own distribution policy
  • Removal of the risk associated with distributing an airline’s own ticket stock
  • Greater world-wide representation
  • Flexibility to provide automated ticketing
  • Reduced ticket purchase and inventory

IBCS Participation

Who can participate in IBCS?

  • Any IATA member or non-IATA scheduled carrier not already participating in that BSP
    • An IBCS airline can withdraw from IBCS or transfer to normal BSP participation, after serving three months (90 days) notice on IDFS Management
  • Start-up or new entrant airlines
  • A non-airline entity who wishes to have its’ appointed agents issue STDs and report those sales via the BSP

How long will it take to become an IBCS participant?

  • IATA IDFS in GVA accepts or declines a BSP membership application within 15 days of receiving the paperwork

Discover IBCS Consolidator Program

  • Discover facilitates
    • Tripartite agreement between airline, Discover and IATA
    • Bilateral agreement between airline and Discover
  • Letter of introduction per market
  • Mandate, required by each BSP
  • Discover gathers local BSP requirements and coordinates with airline
  • Local Discover office communicates to the market that airline has joined IBCS and encourages ticketing through BSP system

  • Discover tracks revenue via BSPLink and invoices airline for consolidator fee or processes payments via ACM

IBCS Standard Fees

Charge IBCS Traditional BSP
One time joining fee per BSP USD1,000 up to USD10,000
Annual participation fee – irrespective of no. of BSPs joined USD 500  
Flat-rate charge per standard charging unit (SCU) USD 4.00 up to USD1.00
IBCS consolidator services *% of BSP sales  

"*If airline appoints Discover as GSA in any of the proposed IBCS markets, we will further reduce the consolidator fee.

IBCS Extend Program

A pricing option that IATA has made available to airlines already participating in a minimum of 10 BSPs, directly and/or through IBCS
Extend Program

If you'd like to learn more about how Discover the World can help you grow your business, please provide us with your contact details and any comments you wish to make.

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