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Discover the World Provides Daemyung Hotels & Resorts Sales Support in Asia


SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Feb. 28, 2019—Daemyung Hotels & Resorts, the largest hotel and resort company in Korea, selected Discover the World to help increase its sales and visibility in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines beginning March 1, 2019.

“We came to Discover the World to see if they could help us expand our values to the global market,” said Shane Chung, Global Marketing Team, Global Sales & Marketing Division. “The official mission of our company is ‘Life Value Creator’ and since we welcome so many foreign visitors, it was time for us to step ahead and become, ‘Global Life Value Creator’. In our selection process, we evaluated companies in each market by category, company history and portfolio, current clients, ideation and creativeness to see which ones could deliver these results.  Discover scored well above any of the others.”

“Given the diversity of the amenities offered at the Daemyung Hotels and Resorts from water parks, to equestrian club and ski resorts, we are pleased to be able to provide sales and marketing for these properties,” said Ian Murray, Executive Vice President of Discover the World.  “As with all of our clients, we strive to provide the best possible results that increase the company’s revenue.  We have the talent, experience and local knowledge to help make that happen.”

For more information about Discover the World, visit or call (480) 707-5566 or +44 203 598 8030.

About Discover the World
Discover the World has earned a reputation as a leader in global travel distribution and its success in developing a worldwide network of 85 offices in more than 60 countries capable of exceptional representation performance is unmatched.  With a portfolio of nearly 100 clients utilizing its sales, marketing and business process outsourcing services, Discover the World remains a dominant innovator for the travel industry.

About Daemyung Hotels & Resorts
Daemyung Hotels and Resorts offer 16 properties throughout Korea with facilities for all generations for a total of 9,737 rooms.  Major facilities in the resorts include a ski resort, water park, golf country club, equestrian club, K1 speed racing track, Snowyland, yacht club and other entertainment venues.


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